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Suggested improvements to Longmont cycling infrastructure:

Sunset – between Boston & RR tracks N. of St. Vrain River.  There is no shoulder pavement, except on the bridge, and the quality of the pavement is very substandard.   This route is used by both commuters and recreational bicyclist as it represents the nearest alternative to the east of Hover for crossing the St. Vrain.   The railroad track crossing was  greatly improved in 2009 making this route especially attractive.  The connection to the St. Vrain Greenway also draws bicycle traffic.

County line
– across the rail road crossing S. of Deerwood keeps this part of Country line road from being a good connection from Hwy 119 to Deerwood and 9th Ave.   The attraction to this route includes Sandstone ranch from the eastern side of Longmont and Union Reservoir from the southern side of Longmont.

15th Ave:

  • Northwestern/Colgate – a sign at that intersection “to 15th Ave” would be helpful in exploiting the low traffic 15th Ave cross town route.    Sign would be for east bound bicyclist on Northwestern looking for the connection to 15th Ave.

  • Bowen/15th Ave – Bowen should stop, 15th Ave should be “no stop” to make this a safer/more useful route.   (Bowen/16th Ave – 16th should stop, Bowen “no stop”)   School pedestrian traffic would also benefit.  .   See Mountain View Elementary safe routes to school map.

  • Gay/15th Ave – 4 way stop as parked cars, trucks, trailers and SUVs on Gay make it hard to see traffic on Gay when crossing at 15th.   School pedestrian traffic would also benefit.   See Mountain View Elementary safe routes to school map.

  • Kimbark – With the absence of an alternative like Coffman or Terry between 11th Ave and 17th Ave, it would really be helpful to N-S bike traffic to have use of Kimbark in order to avoid using Main St while getting to the retail N. of 17th near Main.

Response from the City:
  • Some of the projects you mention have been issues with the City for a while (e.g. Sunset) and have other jurisdictions involved.  Other projects are actually in our list of soon-to-be-built projects (County Line Rd), so improvements should be coming in the next year.  Also the information for 15th Ave is very helpful as we're currently working on route setup/signage for this corridor.

If you have any other issues you'd like to see tracked/addressed, please send them to .