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What are the three most common causes for bicycling accidents in Longmont?
1) Riding on the sidewalk
Drivers don't expect cyclists on the sidewalk. This results in accidents around intersections, driveways, alleyways and similar areas. Even drivers that are looking for cyclists on the sidewalk may expect children, which tend to move slower, rather than adults moving at a high rate of speed. In addition to cars there is also the potential for accidents with pedestrians. Sidewalks don't usually allow much room for evasive manuevering.

2) Riding against the flow of traffic
As children you may have heard that it's better to ride against the flow of traffic so that you can see what the cars are doing. This is not the case, you are better operating your bike as you would any other vehicle on the road. As a cyclist, moving at a high rate of speed,  you probably won't be able to avoid a car, it will be closing on you much faster than if you were riding the same direction it was going an saw it in your bicycle mirror.
3) The Greenway/multi-use paths
While accidents aren't as likely to be severe, the chances of having one are greatly increased. Pedestrians, dogs, frisbees, etc. tend to behave in an unpredictable manner and there are no laws dictating how people must move on a multi-use path. If a child or dog darts out in front of you you may not be able to avoid it.
When does the Police Department sell low cost helmets?
Here are the details:
        1.  They only sell at Rhythm on the River.
        2.  Cost is $10, and on a needs basis ONLY.
        3.  Helmets are purchased through previous years money or through donations.
        4.  Also they give out those same helmets for their bike programs at Christmas.

Should I register my bicycle?
Absolutely, bicycle registration for Longmont is free, and it helps them relocate our bicycles in case of theft. Registration can be done at the Police Department on Kimbark and 3rd Avenue. You may also be able to register your bicycle at one of the local bike shops, please call in advance to verify. You will need your bicycle present at the time of registration.